The question of budget

  • Make an estimate of the ratio of your own funds compared to what you would like to borrow
  • Approach a bank or housing finance company for a home loan/personal loan
  • If you already own a home, approach a bank to get an appraisal and see how much you can qualify for a line of credit

Things to keep in mind

  • Banks and housing finance companies will expect you to bear 15-20 % of the total cost of construction. They will only approve a loan for the balance amount
  • You will be required to pay additional charges/fees, including administrative fees, processing and verification of address fees, legal charges, government taxes, etc.

Getting the plot right

  • The size of the house you want to build should determine the size of the plot you should look to acquire
  • Check for road connectivity: the best plots have roads on all four sides
  • Check for the availability of water, electricity and waste disposal
  • When choosing a plot, factor in the distance from basic amenities like hospitals, schools, airport/railway station, your workplace and so on
  • Check for noise pollution levels, public nuisance factors, traffic density and security aspects

Things to keep in mind

  • Ensure that the land is not prone to flooding
  • Ensure that there are no known earthquake plots in close proximity
  • Make sure you get hold of the necessary construction permits
  • Ensure the plot is not under acquisition/litigation proceedings
  • Check for the plot survey number and ensure that the land title deed is clear

Picking the right crew

  • Contact local builders/contractors with prior experience in building the kind of home you're looking for
  • Do a thorough background check
  • Get a starting and a completion date
  • Let them give you a ballpark figure of what your home might cost
  • Get the cost of raw materials, labour cost and miscellaneous expenses before you sign the contract

Things to keep in mind

  • Make sure your builder/contractor holds a valid license
  • The written contract should include the contractor's full name, address, telephone number and professional license number
  • Always keep a copy of the written contract with you


  • It's best to purchase your land before you select your building plan
  • Choose your floor plan first, your exterior facade second
  • Remember to budget for landscaping and finishing touches
  • Calculate the budget per square foot

Plan your finances

  • The amount of the money you need will depend on the plot you're buying and the kind of house you want to build
  • Once you've made an estimate of the funds you need, you can approach a bank for a loan
  • When you're allocating budgets ensure that you have different budget splits for the various phases of construction
  • Do keep some money aside for any other unexpected cost that may arise

For further assistance, get in touch with us.

  • To protect your home from termites and pests you need to undertake pest control before the construction starts
  • Since the plot is open, you'll incur substantially lower expenses and even need minimum labour and termicide
  • As the pest control needs to be done regularly at this phase, the builder and pest control agent will have to work closely with each other


  • Anti Termite Treatment

Home Building, simplified

  • We conduct home builder meets for customers who have just started building or plan to build their home
  • We take them through a presentation where we discuss the various nuances of construction, starting from how to choose the right materials to tips on how to economise construction
  • We also take them through the UltraTech product portfolio and allied products that are available at the UltraTech Building Solutions store
  • At the end of the meet, home builders can interact with us and get their queries addressed

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Home builders connect

  • We invite home builders like you and other contractors to our store during our counter meets
  • We conduct interactive presentations on planning, construction and finishing
  • We also distribute leaflets that help you understand construction better

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Vaastu Compliant

Looking for that perfect plot to build your home? Before you secure a plot, make sure it's in line with the principles of Vaastu Shastra.

Choose the right plot

  • The best shapes for the plots of land are square or rectangular , facing squarely on the four cardinal directions
  • Plots facing the north-east corner bring health, prosperity and fame
  • The west-north extension on the western side brings health and prosperity whereas the north-west extension on the north side should be avoided


  • Square and rectangular plots are good for construction
  • East-facing plots bring fame, but aren’t good for financial progress
  • Corner plots with roads on the south-east, north-west, south-west should be avoided as far as possible. If it is unavoidable, then the principles of Vaastu shall have to be followed to minimize or eliminate the ill effects


  • Avoid plots that have irregular shapes
  • The south-east extension on the east side and the south side should be avoided
  • Avoid plots with south-west extensions
  • North-east corner plots having roads on the north and east are considered good

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